Pricing in Euro's for The Netherlands and continental Europe.

On this page we will try to give you some idea of the cost of photography in the various disciplines. The information on this page applies for continetal Europe only.

General pricing

Production costs

  • Photography: € 85,00 per hour. A job will be quoted based on an estimate of the amount of time taken, including time for preparation and travel. If If a job takes 8 hours on location, traveltime will be charged at 50%.
  • Post-processing:  € 65,00 per hour. All colour corrections and retouching will be done in house. In some occasions of product photography an outsourced post-processing service will be used for reasons of speed and efficiency. The ratio photography hours - post production hours will vary per type of photography. Below, we wil give you some guidance on this per category.
  • Travel expenses will be charched at cost and travel by car will be charged at € 0,35 per Kilometer.
  • The costs of models, styling and location will be invoiced directly by the agency or via STUDIOVHF with a handling fee. 

Publication costs

For some images a publication fee will be charged in addition to the production costs. This applies to some advertising photography and situations where images are re-used outside the initial agreed publication or by a third party. The fee wil be based on exposure, circulation or position on websites.

Advertising Photography

Office lifestyle photography for Scandinavian Business Seating

Advertising campaign for Kjelvik Scandinavian Outdoor.

Advertising photography for Freedom Cigarettes London

The ratio photography hours - post processing hours is in the rergion of 1:0.5. With advertising photography we work according to a prior discussed and agreed script. The aim is to achieve a limited amount of images that seamlessly fit into the marketing communication strategy of the capmpaign. 

Product Photography

Product photography of a series of 24/7 controlroom chairs for BMA Ergonomics (SBS).

Product photography for Hydrowear.

Productphotography is done in the controlled environmemnt of STUDIOVHF's Photographic studio near Zwolle in The Netherlands. We work according to the latest standards regarding colormanagement and with calibrated high-end monitors. Colour correction and retouching will be done in-house. Some other post-production techniques is outsourced to specialist suppliers but remains under mangement of STUDIOVHF. The ratio photography hours - post production is in the region of 1:0.5 and 1:1.

Interior Photography

Interior photography for Ecophon Saint Gobain

Interior photography for Harmeling Interieur (a design and build company)

Interior photography at high standard is probably more time consuming than expected. We can do 2 medium sized projects in a day when they are in close proximity. Depending on the local situation we use a combination of analogue (the adding of flashlight to a space) and digital techniques in post-processing (DRI or Dynamic Range Increase). This to control contrast differences and colour temperature. This means that the ratio photography hours - post processing hours is relatively high, 1:1 or 1:2.

Corporate Photography

Industrial interior photography in a cleanroom environment a foodprocessing plant in Zwolle.

Corporate photography for a automotive bodywork firm

With corparate photography or reportage on location as well as with most editorial work, the ratio between photography hours - post processing hours is approximately 1:1,5.

Editorial photography

Portrait of a research jounalist in Zwolle

Portrait of a young, and upcoming tabletennis player, training in Zwolle for the Olympics.

Legal Stuff

As with all our business affairs we deal in an open and transparent way and have many long standing relationships with both clients and suppliers. We respect and adhere to the Dutch and International copyright-laws and use the standard terms and conditions of the Dutch professional Photographers association, DuPho.

You can read all about it here: DuPho English info.

In our quotations we will be clear about all costs and usage of photos.