Photostudio, commercial & advertising photographer, Zwolle The Netherlands. For product photography, corporate, interiors, industrial and editorial.

STUDIOVHF is a photographic studio for advertising and commercial photography. Only 60 miles from Amsterdam near the city of Zwolle, in the North East of The Netherlands, the studio is ideally suited for product, interiors, advertising and editorial photography.

In addition to this we now also operate from a studio in Glasgow.

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STUDIOVHF is a company with a strong network throughout Europe and is run by Vincent Hartman. The company employs two photographers, and offers traineeships to young talented photographers as well. The company has outsourced its financial administration and ICT services to local specialised firms. Vincent is fluent in English and German, and has extensive business experience in most European Countries.

The photographic services that STUDIOVHF offer are Commercial & Advertising, Product, Interiors, Corporate, Industrial and Editorial.

Commercial & Advertising

Commercial photography for office interiors manufacturer. Photography Location: Zwolle

Advertising photography for e-cigarettes manufacturer. Location: London

The studio works for advertising agencies, graphic design studio's and marketing communication departments of various companies and public organisations. Based on the brief or moodboard of the designer and art-director the photographers will create the exact atmosphere that seamlessly reflects the message.

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Product Photography

Product photography for Fennart, Advertising Marketing and Communication

Product Photography hand sealing machines for PackAid B.V. Zwolle

The photostudio near Zwolle specialises in product photography and likes to be challenged by the more demanding clientèle. The studio complies to the industry standard NIDF-norm ISO 3664 (2009) for colour management and secure archiving of images. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment for correct visualisation of all sorts of products and materials. We use specialist lenses to control focus and convergence of parallel lines 'in-camera' to maintain perspective and maximum resolution and to ensure maximum usage of the same image for both web and high quality large format printing. 

For clothing shots we have mannequins, as well as changing facilities for models.  Make-up artists and hairstylists can work in a well lit area with a large mirror illuminated with neutral (5000K) light. We also have height adjustable specialist chairs available.

We have a fixed infinity wall for freestanding photography of medium sized products and a photographic table for smaller products. Our parking is suitable for delivery vans, and product can be carried straight into the studio area via wide opening access doors.

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Interior Photography

Interior photography for a design & build company. Location: Overijssel, The Netherlands

Photography of part of the interior of the Vellesan College in IJmuiden

Throughout the country we photograph interiors in retail, public spaces and offices. We work for architects, interior designers, design & build companies and office interiors companies. We add light to spaces to control contrast and colour without affecting the natural look of lighting. We combine light control techniques from analogue times with modern digital techniques to increase the dynamic range of an image and control of colour temperature. As with product photography we use specialised optics for perspective control and control of vertical lines as well as  horizontal perspective.

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Corporate Photography

Industrial Photography for Engineering firm DHM

Colourful portrait for Ernst & Young

Corporate an industrial photography for private businesses and public organisations. For a general photographic overview of an organisation the need for versatile photographic service is critical. Portrait photography, profile pictures, the exterior and interior of a building, production process and logistics, all require different photographic skills. STUDIOVHF offers all disciplines without being 'average' !

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Winter Landscape Overijssel, image used in various magazines

Old habits never die!

Landscape photography and sports photography, these photographic disciplines couldn't be more contrasting. @STUDIOVHF, it is the variety that drives us and keeps us on our toes; Time after Time.

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