Photographer Scotland

Photographer Scotland

With the move of photographer Vincent Hartman to Scotland, STUDIOVHF had effectively created an extra location for it's photographic activities. The studio in The Netherlands is still in use by Thomas Feickens and Iris Hartman.

The photostudio of STUDIOVHF

In Scotland Photographer Vincent Hartman works almost exclusively for leading Scottish commercial interiors business Amos Beech. At  Amos Beech, Vincent is responsible for everything marketing concerned, including webdevelopment, social media and SEO. In the commercial interior design business, interior photography is very important. As this is obviously one of STUDIOVHF's specialities, most of the photography is done on location throughout Scotland. In addition to this STUDIOVHF Scotland is responsible for all corporate photography, including portrait photography and product photography.

Photostudio Photographer Scotland

For product photography in Scotland, the photographer works in the Broadscope Studios in Glasgow:

Broadscope professional photography studio in Glasgow

For more information about this studio click here: Photography Studio Scotland

The studio is hired by STUDIOVHF Scotland when needed. This enables the Falkirk based photographer to offer the same quality product photography as when using his own photostudio. Over the next coming years a brand new Photostudio will be build for portrait photography and product photography of smaller products.

Product photography Scotland

At the moment the product photography in Scotland is limited to office furniture and desking systems. The photographer has extensive experience photographing various furniture products like: office seating, garden furniture, office desks, interior accessories like fabrics, flooring etc. However, the photographer has also photographed fashion and clothing, drink bottles and electronic equipment.

For product photography we use high resolution digital cameras with the latest high-end lenses that enable us to create natural perspectives and full control of focus. Direct connection of the cameras with a reference monitor give direct feedback and quality control.

Portrait photographer Scotland 

From the early nineties photographer has been taking portraits in all shapes and forms, from wedding photography, family shoots, pregnancy shoots to editorial portraits, corporate portraits and advertising photography with professional models. Currently in Scotland we limit ourselves to individual portraits taken on location.

Some examples of portraits taken in the past

For more portraits visit the Dutch section on this site and follow the links on that page: corporate portraits.

Who is this new photographer in Scotland?

Photographer Vincent Hartman moved to Scotland in the summer of 2016. He has been hooked on photography ever since he picked up his first SLR back in 1987, a Canon EOS 620. He was an enthusiast black and white photographer (still is) and spent many hours in the darkroom, developing his own films and spending hours on the ultimate print. He started his first photography business in 1990 in the city where he was born: Zwolle. Vincent studied photography at the University of arts in Groningen and in addition that has a degree in Marketing. It is therefore no surprise that his field of work has always been in  advertising photography, marketing and marketing communication.

Photographer STUDIOVHF Scotland, Vincent Hartman (1966)