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Scottish Drift Championship Round 1

Today I was introduced to the first round of The Scottish Drift Championship held at the Driftland Circuit in Lochgelly, Fife.

I have done motorsports before like TT in Assen NL, a bit of football, cycling and running events as well as some editorial work about individual sporters but that is about it as far as sports is concerned.

I was not on an official assignment, am still registered in The Netherlands as a professional photographer and decided to go here on short notice, so I didn't have the time to organise all the paperwork to get free access to the area's within the circuit.  I tend to choose low camera standpoints for this type of photography but was now forced to take more distance and capture the event from a higher standpoint. In hindsight this was actually not so bad for this type of photography. The proportions of a car and its position in relation to other cars on the circuit can be better captured from a higher standpoint. Also the official media area's within the circuit were all on  elevated stretches of grass for safety reasons.

Anyway you may judge yourself how I managed to capture this event:

Later this week you can find more images via this link: 20170319

Enjoy and looking forward to seeing you back on this site!