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Some shots from the local area

With less editing jobs to do over the weekends and the weather improving, I am getting out a bit more by car, by foot or a combination of both. Sometimes with camera.

In the slideshow below in aspect ratio 16:9, you will find images taken in Falkirk, the surrounding countryside of Stirling, Carronbridge, North Third and Kilsyth.

The slideshow starts with two shots taken from a recreational area in Falkirk between Princes Park and Callander Park. A great place with good views over Falkirk and the Forth Valley and the countryside south of the town towards Shieldhill. The third image represents something where the United Kingdom is an example for The Netherlands as it generates 25% of it's energy consumption through renewable energy sources like wind and water power, heat-pumps and not surprisingly to a lesser extend solar energy. The fourth image is taken at North Third Reservoir. The overview landscape over Falkirk, Grangemouth refinery and in the distance the New Forth Road Bridge, is taken from the carpark at the Tak-Ma Doon Road between Carron Bridge and Kilsyth. In the last two images you see Stirling Castle and The Wallace Monument.

Some shots during walks from Falkirk:

Carron Valley:

Bracklinn Falls in Callander, Stirlingshire

F11, 10s, ISO100, see further details under the image below

The Loup of Fintry waterfall Stirlingshire

Loup of Fintry waterfall is on the River Endrick in the Carron Valley. It is 29m high in the Endrick River and feeds the Carron Reservoir. 

Canon 5DS with old 70-200 f2.8L, to fit the 77mm ND filter. The 6 stops B+W Neutral Density filter allows for long shutter speeds during daylight to achieve a nice milky water flow. Focal length 70mm, F8, 3.2s, ISO50.

Loch Lomond:

A bit further afield:

Upper Glendevon Reservoir between Dollar and Gleneagles and Laide in the North West of Scotland.


Stirling Castle, from Borrows Gate.

Highland Gate

And some shots of the place in Stirling where the Hartman family is proud to setlle:

And a Panorama:

And one from Wallace Monument looking down:

If you click on the above images, you will get through to a large file hosted on Gigapan, where you can view and the image in a higher resolution. Click on the symbol the at the right side of the frame for full screen. Click on the image to zoom in and use the '+/-' controls.

The River Forth

The start of the river Forth at Aberfoyle

The river starts at Loch Ard in the Trossachs, a mountainous area 19 miles west of Stirling. Just west of Stirling the river Teith joins the forth and at Stirling the river becomes tidal. It widens eastwards and becomes the estuary Forth or Firth of Forth and eventually ends in the North Sea.

Time Lapse by David Meikle

On a sunny early evening in May I bumped into David Meikle who was watering the turf in his front garden. He and his wife just moved into their new home on Highland Gate in Stirling 2 days before.

The stunning view and the wider Stirling area was also for them one of the key reasons to move here and David captured the Wallace Monument in these two amazing time-lapses:

David is a great enthusiast photographer and you can find more of his portfolio here: David Meikle