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DUMYAT in the winter of 2018

Stunning scenery again here in Central Scotland. We went up on Dumyat on Saturday afternoon for some exercise and another attempt for a panorama.

View on Wallace Monument from Dumyat

The first time I wanted to create a panorama was in the summer. As it is a bit of a climb, I didn't bother taking the tripod. Sometimes you get away with it, but not that time. For sufficient overlap between images you can better use live-view and the grid on the LCD on the back of the camera.

This time I decided to take a light carbon fiber tripod up the hill which was kindly carried bij Daan Metz on the way up and Brockwell James (who we bumped into on the summit) on the way down. Thanks guys!

If you click on the image below, a new window will open with the high resolution image. You can browse the Forth Valley all the way from the Queensferry Crossing in the east to Stirling at the foot of the hill.

The Foth Valley from Dumyat

The Foth Valley from Dumyat

The image is 59.954 x 4.760 pixels at 300DPI and has a file size if 1.6GB


The final 360 image took a bit longer to construct and still has some minor errors, but for this purpose I am happy with it. The main problem was the maximum file size of the Adobe Camera Raw that powers Lightroom. Anyway, I won't bother you with details. I found this blog about Panorama File Sizes that explained why things weren't working as they should and found a way around it.

I decided to process the separate images in Lightroom first as that can be done reasonably quickly and you can copy edits from image to image. Then I made 3 panorama's of 55 images each in Lightroom and stitched them together in Photoshop manually (the autofunction didn't work properly either), hence you may notice some errors, that I left in there to save time. Perhaps later when I am bored or when somebody wants to buy the image they can be corrected. 

The image can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail below:

The final image is 106.587 x 5168 pixels at 300DPI and has a file size of 3GB.

A few days later the snow was gone, it was raining and there was high tide: