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Blogs in English

About time I suppose? 

When you see people struggling with Google Translate to figure out what is written on the Dutch VHF site, perhaps it is time to start blogging in English? 

I (it's Vincent Hartman here) have been thinking about this for quite some time now, but wasn't sure if I should do that on this site or on an English section on the other site or perhaps start with a brand new site. A lot of options all with their pro's and con's. Adding new content is crucial to a site's performance, something I am very aware of.

The amount of visitors on the  Dutch VHF site  is clearly influenced by blogposts

The amount of visitors on the Dutch VHF site is clearly influenced by blogposts

And the same applies to the  Amos Beech website , where blogs and updates on the projects page generate a great deal of interest.

And the same applies to the Amos Beech website, where blogs and updates on the projects page generate a great deal of interest.

A confession

I have a confession to make here, as this is the first blog on the STUDIOVHF site. I haven't even blogged in the Dutch language on this site so why start now in English? The answer is a very simple one and for some of you already very obvious, but I explain anyway! 

I may be an outgoing person, but I have never really felt the need to start blogging or letting the world know on social media what I am doing. This may sound very strange from somebody who has embraced social media wholeheartedly, who has many social media accounts and owns a few websites, but it is true. However, I am a marketeer after all and some of you even call me a salesman. How much Photography may be close to my heart, it is not a hobby but a business. The clients of STUDIOVHF value professional photography both here in Scotland as well as back in The Netherlands, but they are also very much into the marketing communication value of it, not just because they like nice pic's. They want to sell their products and services just as much as I do. And that is where online marketing comes in! 

So one of reasons why I try to engage you and let you read all of this, is a simple one: one day you will buy something from me or from the companies I work for:). The other reason is that blogging plays a key role in Online Marketing

Some examples of blogs on the VHF site

Online Marketing

In online marketing, it is all about building great content, that people like to see and read. If the content is great, people will enjoy it, learn from it and may even like it on social media and share the content with their followers. And that is where linkbuilding comes on. Links from other sites to this site are important for it's performance. The STUDIOVHF site is performing very well in organic traffic in The Netherlands, but here in Scotland there is still a lot to be done. The same applies for the brand new site of Incognito Underfloor Heating a sister company of Amos Beech.

The site was there because that is what a business needs, just like a brochure, a telephone, a business card etc. But that was about it. Over the last couple of months STUDIOVHF SCOTLAND produced a series of images to tell the story of Incognito Heatco, a company that has been supplying and fitting underfloor heating systems and renewable energy systems in Scotland for over 10 years. Now their site performs even worse as this one does in Scotland, so guess who's task it is to turn that around?


Please don't worry and don't be disappointed when this blog didn't discuss photography or anything that relates to the move from The Netherlands to here.

I know why you read this article and very much appreciate that you made it to the bottom of this page, so please be assured that the following blogs will be about subjects like Photography, Scotland, The Netherlands, cultural differences between NL, Scotland, England and perhaps even Politics? In the near future when I have cleared the backlog in editing work and have time to spend on free photography work, the site will be enriched with a photographers view on Scotland from a Dutch perspective.

All contents, views and opinions will be strictly personal and will not represent any of the clients or companies I work for.

Happy reading, enjoy the photography and please visit this site again!